Saturday, March 3, 2007

Sock update

It's been a while since I last posted, and I'm sure my brother is wondering what's happening with his socks, so here's an update.

After the short row toes I posted, I did another inch and a half on the foot. I then tried it on my foot. It was way too big. My brother's foot is wider than mine, but not that much, so I frogged them and started over with fewer stitches.

This time, instead of short row toes, I decided to try the magic cast on I found at I knit what seemed like forever (size 15 shoes, remember) and did short row heels. Here's a picture right after I finished the heels.

I've done a couple more inches since then. Here's a picture taken this morning.

I've got about another 6 inches to go, so hopefully these will be finished in about a week.

Meanwhile, I was too eager to start the next pair of socks to wait. I'm doing these for a sock knit-a-long. This pair will be for me. I'm making the Monkey socks by Cookie A. Here's the yarn I chose.

The pattern as written will give you an 8 inch circumference. That would be too narrow for my foot, so I thought I'd do an additional pattern repeat. That's 16 extra stitches, which would then make them too wide, so I went down a needle size. Hopefully this is the right combination to make them fit me. I cast on and did a little over an inch on them.

Now it's back to working on my brother's socks.

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