Monday, October 1, 2007

Breast Cancer Awareness

10/2/07 A pdf version is now available here

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
Last year I designed an illusion cancer awareness wash cloth . I want to share the pattern with you.

Illusion Breast Cancer Awareness Wash Cloth
Design by Nilda Andrade

Cotton worsted weight yarn: Pink and White

Size 6 needles

You will be alternating colors, knitting 2 rows each time.

With white cast on 39

Pink Row 1: K across
Pink Row 2: K5, P29, K5

White Row 3: K across

White Row 4: K across

Pink Row 5: K across
Pink Row 6: K5, P29, K5

White Row 7: K across

White Row 8: K across

Pink Row 9: K across
Pink Row 10: K5, P5, K5, P9, K5, P5, K5

White Row 11: K across

White Row 12: K10, P5, K9, P5, K10

Pink Row 13: K across
Pink Row 14: K5, P5, K6, P7, K6, P5, K5

White Row 15: K across

White Row 16: K10, P6, K7, P6, K10

Pink Row 17: K across
Pink Row 18: K5, P6, K6, P5, K6, P6, K5

White Row 19: K across

White Row 20: K11, P6, K5, P6, K11

Pink Row 21: K across
Pink Row 22: K5, P7, K6, P3, K6, P7, K5

White Row 23: K across

White Row 24: K12, P6, K3, P6, K12

Pink Row 25: K across
Pink Row 26: K5, P8, K6, P1, K6, P8, K5

White Row 27: K across

White Row 28: K13, P6, K1, P6, K13

Pink Row 29: K across
Pink Row 30: K5, P11, K5, P1, K1, P11, K5

White Row 31: K across

White Row 32: K16, P5, K1, P1, K16

Pink Row 33: K across
Pink Row 34: K5, P10, K2, P1, K6, P10, K5

White Row 35: K across

White Row 36: K15, P2, K1, P6, K15

Pink Row 37: K across
Pink Row 38: K5, P9, K4, P2, K5, P9, K5

White Row 39: K across

White Row 40: K14, P4, K2, P5, K14

Pink Row 41: K across
Pink Row 42: K5, P7, K6, P3, K6, P7, k5

White Row 43: K across

White Row 44: K12, P6, k3, P6, K12

Pink Row 45: K across
Pink Row 46: K5, P7, K5, P5, K5, P7, K5

White Row 47: K across

White Row 48: K12, P5, K5, P5, K12

Pink Row 49: K across
Pink Row 50: K5, P8, K6, P1, K6, P8, K5

White Row 51: K across

White Row 52: K13, P6, K1, P6, K13

Pink Row 53: K across
Pink Row 54: K5, P11, K7, P11, K5

White Row 55: K across

White Row 56: K16, P7, K16

Pink Row 57: K across
Pink Row 58: K5, P29, K5

White Row 59: K across

White Row 60: K across

Pink Row 61: K across
Pink Row 62: K5, P29, K5

White Row 63: K across

White Row 64: K across

Bind off with pink

Weave in ends

Friday, September 14, 2007

Monday, August 27, 2007

I'm still alive...

It's been a long time since my last post, but I'm still alive, lol, and I have been knitting.
I just haven't been very good about taking pictures and posting.
Here is a picture of a pair of socks I just finished this morning.
They were the May sock of the month kit from

The yarn was Tofutsies, from SWTC. This yarn tended to split easily, especially after tinking or frogging.
I don't think it was a good match for this pattern. I feel the multicolor kept the lace pattern from showing well. If I knit this pattern again, it will definitely be in a solid color. BTW, the pattern is Daylily socks, by WoolieDi.

Hopefully, I'll get some pictures of my other projects posted soon.

Friday, April 6, 2007

Monkeys finished

Well, I finished my Monkey socks last night. They're done in the Mocha Spice color from Fearless Fibers. I needed them to be wider than the pattern, so I increased the number of pattern repeats to 5 (80 sts instead of 64) and decreased the needle size to size 1 KnitPicks dpns.

This is the first pair I knit for myself. I love the way they feel. I will probably knit this pattern again, but not right away. There are a few other patterns I want to knit first, including some others by the same designer, Cookie A.

I've already got three more socks on the needles, but they're not for me. I'd post pictures, but I haven't taken any yet. I will soon and post them.
I also have a shawl on the needles, but I'll write about it later.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Double Knitting

A while back I saw double knitting demonstrated on Knitty Gritty and was intrigued. It was a technique I wanted to try someday. Well, someday is today. The Knitted Kitchens yahoo group is doing a KAL of a double knitted potholder. I cast on and did the first eight rows today. It's been pretty easy so far. The only tricky part was during the cast on, making sure that the two colors alternated. The designer recommended using a crochet cast on. I've used a crochet cast on many times before as a provisional cast on, but never as a permanent one. Here's what's done so far:

Side 1 through row 8

Side 2 through row 8

I made some more progress on my Monkey sock last night. I like the way it's turning out

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Socks finished!

Yay! They're finished. Ends woven in and everything. They'll soon be on their way to the recipient. Pattern: my own, toe up, short row heel. Stockinette sole, 3 X 1 rib on leg and instep, 2 X 2 rib on cuff. Done with KnitPicks Essential Tweed yarn in Inca Gold; 2 socks at a time on 2 KnitPicks classic circulars size 1.

Next up: A pair for my 10 month old nephew. My sister will measure his feet for me tonight, so I'll start them tomorrow. After my brother's socks, I feel the need to do a pair I can finish quickly.

I've also made a little progress in the Monkey socks for me. I'm up to the heel flap on the first sock (don't have a picture of that yet).

But, here's an earlier pic of the Monkey sock. The yarn is the Mocha Spice colorway from Fearless Fibers.

Saturday, March 3, 2007

Sock update

It's been a while since I last posted, and I'm sure my brother is wondering what's happening with his socks, so here's an update.

After the short row toes I posted, I did another inch and a half on the foot. I then tried it on my foot. It was way too big. My brother's foot is wider than mine, but not that much, so I frogged them and started over with fewer stitches.

This time, instead of short row toes, I decided to try the magic cast on I found at I knit what seemed like forever (size 15 shoes, remember) and did short row heels. Here's a picture right after I finished the heels.

I've done a couple more inches since then. Here's a picture taken this morning.

I've got about another 6 inches to go, so hopefully these will be finished in about a week.

Meanwhile, I was too eager to start the next pair of socks to wait. I'm doing these for a sock knit-a-long. This pair will be for me. I'm making the Monkey socks by Cookie A. Here's the yarn I chose.

The pattern as written will give you an 8 inch circumference. That would be too narrow for my foot, so I thought I'd do an additional pattern repeat. That's 16 extra stitches, which would then make them too wide, so I went down a needle size. Hopefully this is the right combination to make them fit me. I cast on and did a little over an inch on them.

Now it's back to working on my brother's socks.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007


Here are some pictures of dishcloths I've made in the past week.
I finished the dishcloth for the Monthly Dishcloth yahoo group. It's a pretty heart design.

Love Day cloth
Peaches n Creme Rose Pink
I love the way this round cloth turned out. It's the first round dishcloth I've made. It's not knit in the round, though. It's done on straight needles with the shaping done with short rows. I made one change to the pattern. Instead of sewing the cast-on and bind-off edges, I did a provisional cast-on and then grafted the two edges. You can barely tell where the two edges meet.

Leafy Border Round Cloth
Peaches n Creme Neon Green
design by Rhonda White

This is the 4 Corners Cloth. The designer is having a contest. She's had so many hits to her blog for this pattern she decided to have a contest. The person who submits the 100th picture of their dishcloth will win a prize. I think it's a good cloth for a variegated yarn.
4 Corners cloth
Peaches n Creme Forest Breeze

Friday, January 26, 2007

One Off and Another One On

One project off the needles: a scarf for my niece. I took her to the yarn store and she chose the yarn she wanted.

And a new one on the needles: Socks for my brother. I'm using KnitPicks Essential Tweed in Inca Gold and size 1 needles.
This is the first half of the short row toe

Here are both toes completed.

I'm working both socks at the same time on two circular needles. This way they'll both be finished at the same time. My brother has big feet, I hope these won't take forever to finish (he probably hopes the same! LOL).
Actually, I also started another project too, a scarf for my nephew, but I don't have any pictures yet.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Jan Bookmark Finished

I just finished the January bookmark kal. I enjoy reading, so it will be getting plenty of use.

Knit Along

I can't believe it's been over a month since I posted. How time flies! Today I'll post some pictures of my knit-a-long projects.
First, the two projects kal:
Swish with a Twist
Sugar n Cream Tea Rose

Cabled bag - in progress
I need to finish this bag soon. We start two new projects on Feb. 1st.
Next, the FunKnittingDishcloth kal (previously dishclothfunkal):
December kal
January kal
Fountain Lace
Peaches n Creme Neon Green

Here are the 2 January cloths from the monthly dishcloth kal:

I joined a brand new knit-a-long for bookmarks. Here's our first one after day 2.

I also joined the six sox kal. The next project starts Feb. 1st. I can't wait to see the pattern we'll be using. I already have my yarn ready.